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Saturday, November 14, 2009 '
she said she already ripped that yellow paper into pieces..
okay. she said so.. so what? ==;;
yes. we made a big yellow paper before. and we stick it with our pics.
and now she ripped it into pieces.
my bestie, named Deassy read it. that girl mentioned it on her facebook account.
and Deassy feel so hurt. I just like.. "okay, so what Deassy? forget it already. she's a devil."
blah. don't u think so? gaahh~
is it important to think about her? not at all, right? ==;;

Friday, November 13, 2009 '
apaan si?
aduuhh. feeling apa ini. ;________;
ga penting banget kalo gw peduliin tu cewe kan?! knapa stiap gw liat fb dy gtu.
walopun cma display pic'na doang yg nongol, ttp aja gw ngrasa sakit en sedih?
kae'na ada ssuatu yg ga enak. jujur, gw masi sayang ama dy. jujur, gw masi anggep dy temen gw.
tp rasa benci itu ga ilang. ;___;
susah yaa. bingung jg gw ama diri ndiri. ngapaen pake peduli lg? diemin aja yah harus'na. *sigh*
ini nih susah'na ud temenan 4 taon. ckckck
anyway, kmrn2 itu ada poto2 ama triple D. *sahabat*
ad aye edit. hehehe~
jelek si. tp gpp deh. demen aja liet'na. :p

Monday, November 2, 2009 '
I feel the love. ♥
aduhh, Indonesia mode on aja yaa.
lg mellow. lmao
okay, hr ni gw dapet berita yg sangat tidak mengenakkan.
kata'na Yunho and Changmin lebih memihak SM drpd JaeChunSu.
well, it made me shocked at first. tp smakin dibaca en dliat tu berita kok janggal ya? hahaha~
abis homin nanda tanganin'na gtu sii. :s
jd rd ga prcaya. yaa, tinggal tunggu akhirna aja deh. sbg fans ga bs ngapa2in jg. :s

anywayyy~ one of my best friends opens 'her' facebook.
and she said 'she' still talked about us. dy suka nyindir2 en the bla bla bla.
okay, gw sih biasa aja. cma temen gw itu merasa sakiiitt bangeett.
dy blg dy sedih. uh well, gw sih cma mikir aja "selama dy masi ngomongin kita, berarti dy msi ga bs nglupain qta. en itu berarti kita mmbekas di hatinya en dy masi demen aja ma qta" betul ga?
jadi ya uda dehh. gw denger berita2 ttg dy gw ud biasa aja. males ngurusin'na. sapa dy? kenal? ngga~ lol

and yeahh. dlu dy pernah blg k gw.. dlu tuh smpet mnta maaf gw k dy.. krn gw ngrasa mgkin smua kkcauan ini dr gw. eh malah dibales dengan nyolot'na ama dy ""No need..just wait for the payback.dridulu nebeng juga kerjaan na.masi ngatain org pula..ga taw diri bged si.tau gt gw tbrak mati"
nah, yg bkin gw terharu skrg.. one of my besties said "

kalo u tabrak mati tu orang, aq ya bkal bliq tabrak u mati n aq bkal bnuh dri krna aq pzti ngrasa bdosa bgd n ga sanggup mzti khilangan kalian." aww, so sweeettt! I love her so muchie. <3

u know what girl, keep talking til ur mouth bleeding cause we won't care! gotcha?! XD

Saturday, October 31, 2009 '
happy falling in love or HAPPY HALLOWEEN?!

okay. ignore the title. I'm going crazy! lol
hihi. what are u guys doing for halloween night? what kind of costumes do u wear? kkk~
I want to try walking around and screaming "TRICK OR TREAT?!" to the neighbor but I think it's impossible. T^T bcause there's no halloween party here, in Jakarta. blahh~

forget about halloween thingy.
uh well. I just finished read Eclipse and I was fallen for Jacob's character. Dunno, I prefer Jacob than Edward. :s
he's just hot. HOT HOT HOT! XD he's caring, cute, sweet, humorist, etc. HE'S PERFECT! awww!
don't care he's taylor swift's bf or not, for me he's still hot! HAHA! :DDDDD
I even change my facebook + twitter display image! XD
soo crazy in love with him. kkk~
he's HOT!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 '
yeah. finally. after a long time. xp
how are u guys? i hope u guys okay. :)

so, i'm done locking my bloggie.
why i locked it? it's bcause one of my 'friend' read my bloggie, and then she was misunderstanding and it ended with war. lol
we're fighting. and keep badmouthing each other. *sigh*
it's getting worse. I have apologize, but she doesn't forgive me. *shrugged*
so complicated, ne? I'm so confused. I've already cried for 5th or 6th times already. gah~
and it was so hurt. so i decided to not communicate with her again. :')
i hope this is the best for us.

Friday, October 16, 2009 '
lock my blog.
heyy! I'm gonna lock my blog.
so, if u read this leave ur email in my cbox. and i will invite u. :)
thanks ya'~

Saturday, October 10, 2009 '
bad news and good news.
uh well. today I got a bad news and a good news. *sigh*
which one do u want to know first? okay, bad news then. lol

here's the bad news.
I heard that JaeJoong, Yoochun, and Junsu will out from SM entertainment.
okay, I think that's not a bad news.. but hey this is not the end of the rumor.
they said that Henry and Zhoumi will joined in a new group. which this group will changed TVXQ's position in Kpop industry. wtf with that? -____-;;
anyway this is still RUMORS. let's hope this is not true. I really hope TVXQ will out from SM Entertainment so they can move on. but.. yeahhh.. u know.. it must be so hard. =____=

and the good news is..... *drum rolls*
Adrie Subono said he'll contact SM Entertainment! oh yeayyy! this is so good, right? XD
He'll contact SM Entertainment, that means SuJu or TVXQ probably can come to INDONESIA! WOOHOOOOOOO~! :D
so happy to hear this. hehehe~ I hope SM Entertainment will let Suju come to Indonesia. AMEN. :)

oh yeah, want to share about my not-really-good-story today.
so today, my friends and I were planning to hang out.
but it canceled bcause one of my friend couldn't go. I was so sad. yeah~ I want to meet my friends so badly. :(
and then, one of my friend called me. she asked me to go with her. but I couldn't go, bcause of my mom was sick. so I told her. and then suddenly she ended the call. I was so confused.
after that I checked my twitter, and I found she said "damn y'all." okay. so, who's fault?
dunno laa. -______________________________________-;;


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